Intermittent Fasting...Not another D I E T

January 21, 2018


With several weight loss fad diets making rounds this time of year, it can often be difficult to distinguish between a sustainable approach for sustainable results, and short term fad diets,that may include-shakes,bars,meal plans,pre-packaged diet food & calorie counting...It is enough to make your head spin-Right?!

 And then there’s intermittent fasting.


 Is it really a good idea to limit your daily eating to a designated time frame everyday? Research indicates, yes! It has been found that intermittent fasting may have a very beneficial impact on health,weight loss and can also improve longevity .


Intermittent Fasting: A Lifestyle Shift


What is it that sets intermittent fasting apart from the other common "diet plans" that people seem to follow? Well, simply put, it is more of a lifestyle shift than a diet. We all know diets typically have a start and an end date. Diets can make us feel constantly deprived,and most are not sustainable,therefore we return to our old eating habits only to re-gain the weight we may have lost.


Unlike common diet plans, you’re not required to stick to eating certain types of food, or completely eliminate certain food groups from your diet.

Intermittent fasting, when combined with a healthy eating approach (High quality-nutrient dense foods) has tons of benefits to offer apart from weight loss.


The Health Benefits of The IF Lifestyle


When making intermittent fasting a part of your life,you will notice many benefits. You’ll notice a reduction in food and snack cravings, and your body will turn itself into an effective fat burning machine, making it easier for you to maintain your body weight.


Gradual muscle growth is also observed, and there is an increase in metabolism.


All of this helps improve overall fitness and boosts longevity.


Some studies have also found that intermittent fasting can help improve insulin and leptin sensitivity in individuals, and it can play a role in reducing inflammation and free radical damage.


Intermittent fasting can also help normalize the levels of ghrelin- the hunger hormone, which can keep your appetite balanced.


Intermittent Fasting may also help reduce triglyceride levels and improve memory and brain function in general.For more info on all of the amazing benefits of IF






Are you Ready for Intermittent Fasting?


For someone who has not been acquainted with hunger, intermittent fasting can be a bit challenging in the beginning,however by being consistent,you will be amazed how fasting becomes a  daily habit. You may experience a growling stomach at times,however those feelings come and go. A great tip is to sip on mineral water or a warm beverage(black coffee or plain tea) if you are experiencing periods of hunger.


If you would like further guidance to assist and support your Intermittent Fasting journey.

Please contact me to get started


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